[Advaita-l] FW: ​Re: [advaitin] A talk on avidyA by Manjushree

H S Chandramouli hschandramouli at gmail.com
Mon Dec 12 07:25:25 EST 2022

Namaste Michael Ji,

Reg  <<  Does that make sense within this context?  >>,

No. It doesn’t.

Reg  << In this way of understanding the effect of avidyA is mAyA >>,

I had pointed out the mistake in this understanding earlier also. Sri SSS
himself does not admit this. According to him, mAyA is AvidyAkalpita, not
effect of AvidyA. If you concede any **effect** for AvidyA, mAyA or
anything else, it becomes a kAraNa and hence bhAvarUpa.

Reg  << I don't see  what the problem is with avidya having effects >>,

If AvidyA  is admitted to **have** effects, it becomes a kAraNa (cause)
which is exactly what Sri SSS does not admit. According to him, AvidyA is
AdhyAsa  itself, and AdhyAsa  is an effect. According to Sri SSS, being
anAdi, there is no need to posit a kAraNa (cause) for this AdhyAsa .  Hence
Sri SSS does not admit  the reading  **saha kAryeNa** (**along with its
effects** ) and  prefers to delete **saha** in the Bhashya and just retain
** kAryeNa** in the Bhashya BUB 4-3-20  I had mentioned in my post.


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