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Namaste Subrahmanian Ji,

Reg  << Sri SSS finding that irksome has given a footnote that this is
perhaps a later addition to the bhashya >>,

I did not see such a statement in the footnotes for verse 8. Please clarify.

Reg  << Sri SSS, on this page, in a footnote No.4, remarks that the
word  'kAraNA
sharIram'  is to be taken as Avidya which is the one that causes that one
is embodied. He further remarks this 'kAraNA sharIram'  is not found in any
of the prasthana traya corpus. So its appearing here is to be examined by
the knowledgeable ones>>,

Sri SSS mentions that we need to infer or imagine that  AvidyA is called
kAraNa sharIra in this part of the Bhashya. However the term kAraNa sharIra
is not to be found anywhere else in the PTB. Hence this part of the Bhashya
needs further consideration by scholars.

Above is my understanding.

Reg reference to Swami Sureswaracharya in your post, the issue was where in
PTB there is any reference to AvidyA as existent bhAvarUpa entity. In the
Bhashya reference I have given, if even Sri SSS had to resort to the need
for amendment of the Bhashya itself therein, it only reaffirms that even
according to him (Sri SSS), the Bhashya as it stands would qualify as a
pramANa for bhAvarUpa AvidyA.

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