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 Dear Sri Subramanian,You write : "Atman is of the nature of EverPresent - says Bhagavatpada Shankaracharya."
Can that be established as a fact?Have you cognized this within yourself by yourself?Or simply you have accepted because Sri Shankara has told?
Some body may question you like this.How are you going to explain and convince him that this is a fact?
A reply from you is requested and the answer shouldbe based on common experience of all of us.Thanking you.With respectful namaskars,Sreenivasa Murthy 

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Brahma Sutra Bhashya 2.3.7 यावद्विकारं तु विभागो लोकवत् ॥ ७ ॥

तथा अहमेवेदानीं जानामि वर्तमानं वस्तु, अहमेवातीतमतीततरं चाज्ञासिषम् ,
अहमेवानागतमनागततरं च ज्ञास्यामि, इत्यतीतानागतवर्तमानभावेनान्यथाभवत्यपि
ज्ञातव्ये न ज्ञातुरन्यथाभावोऽस्ति, *सर्वदा वर्तमानस्वभावत्वात्* ; तथा
भस्मीभवत्यपि देहे नात्मन उच्छेदः ; वर्तमानस्वभावादन्यथास्वभावत्वं वा न
सम्भावयितुं शक्यम् ; एवमप्रत्याख्येयस्वभावत्वादकार्यत्वमात्मानः, कार्यत्वं
च आकाशस्य ॥

Whatever else may change, the Atman remains ever unchanging in all periods.
 'sarvadaa vartamaana svarbhaavatvaat' - Atman is of the nature of Ever
Present - says Bhagavatpada Shankaracharya.
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