[Advaita-l] Rama's promise to vibhishana

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Wed Aug 17 03:50:48 EDT 2022

Hare Krishna
For the self realised sages who are advanced in spiritual science it is so.

  *   For the self realized sages and saints also krishna is Devaki nandana only, krishNam vaNde jagadgurum.  But since they know how to ‘see’ tattva beyond the names and forms they can interpret that way.  See introduction to geeta bhAshya by bhagavatpAda.  And madhusUdana Saraswati’s gUdArtha Deepika.

For mumukshus such as myself its devaki nanadana.

  *   Yes, for us he is always tribhangi handsome Krishna only who is Devaki nandana, who is lived for certain period, deliberately showing his foot to hunter to complete the formalities of avatAra and getting his last rites done by Arjuna and after the “passing away” of krishna that notorious yAdavee kalaha etc. But despite all these biographical accounts he is always there with us with his manamOhaka rUpa.

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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