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Currently, I am translating my father's elaborate commentary in Telugu on Goda Devi's (Andal's)  Tiruppavai. It is pakka Srivaishnavate book.

Dear Acharya sadananda,                                                           I am interested in the Telugu Translation of Andal's Tiruppavai & its commnetary by you. I would like to get a copy of that after it is relased. This years Dhanurmasam is going to start on 16/12/22 end by 13/1/23 . As the Pasura's are tough to understand unless some one is langague expert and can we expect this book before Makara Sankarathi (14/1/23) as our satsung group have tamil experts to chant during the Dhanurmasa seva in the Local Balaji Temple. If not the Book, pls do send me a soft copy of the translation for which I am greatfull to you sir.
Then Comming to the Thread: Devotional aspects of Tulasi Das:
Parents of Tulasi DasJI has name the boy as 'Ram Bhola' due to the constatnt uttering of Ram Ram Ram frenquently. He spend initial years under Swami Ramananda who initiated him, been to Souron (Varaha Kshetra) where generally pinda daan occurs for the ancestrals.
His wife Translated him into the True Rama Bhakta & ardent devotee of Lord Sri Ram by just Triggering and removing the Transdental fear of Migration and forgetting the Body Consiousness.
In the VInayaka Patrika, it was mentioned that Lord Hanuman scolds with effection Tulasidas ji upon missing of Rama's Darshan in the First Instance at the ChitraKoot. Hanuman Explains Tulasidas JI, Mahraj: pls dont expect your lord Rama will be of 1000 heads, 1000 hands
('नमो स्तवन अनंताय सहस्त्र मूर्तये, सहस्त्रपादाक्षि शिरोरु बाहवे। सहस्त्र नाम्ने पुरुषाय शाश्वते, सहस्त्रकोटि युग धारिणे नम:।।) ' यह एक श्लोक है, जिस का असर उतना ही है, जितना कि विष्णु सहस्रनाम स्त्रोत्र का है.

He continued too say that as per Rama's Dailogue, Your Karma is yet to be ripened, Karma Kashya has to be occured and then only you can reach the lotus feet of Lord Rama.
The same thing mentioned in VInayaka Patrika by Tulasi Daji, Due to  lamentation of my eyes, I missed my first darshan and when Rama himself has put sandal paste on my forehead which removed my body conciousness and my self is going to merge with Lord Rama.
Goswami Tulasi Dasji had Darshan of Lord Rama & his brother Lakshmana as Young Princess along with a Horse in the Forest of ChitraKoota Hill on a auspicious Day.
Sri Gruru Padaravindarpana Mastu
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Subbuji - PraNAms
Just a reminder. Shree Krishna Karnamrutam - was authored by Bilvamangala Leelasuka - many of the famous slokas on Krishna were written by him - such as - kasturi tilakam..;  angnaamanganaam antare maadhavam; mukhaara vindena padaara vindam..He starts his poetry - with the statement
Shaivaavyam na khalu tatra vichaarneeyam .. We are Shaivites but do not worry about it - 'We' mean the family. 
Poet Potana who wrote the famous Telugu version of Bhagavatam, soaked with Bhakti, was also a Shaivite.
Vishishtadvaitins think in spite of their tradition, they accepted Lord Vishnu as the savior! 
Currently, I am translating my father's elaborate commentary in Telugu on Goda Devi's (Andal's)  Tiruppavai. It is pakka Srivaishnavate book.
Hari Om!Sadananda  
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 . In light of the following
points, one should ask the vaishnava Acharyas of the Madhva, Srivaishnava
and other sects to decide whether Tulsidas ji was a smarta brahmana, just
like Adi Shankara, Appaydeekshita, Shyamashastri and Tyagaraja-

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