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Vishnu is Brahma and Shiva as well

In the Mahabharata, Shantiparvan, Bhishma in his deathbed engages in a
stuti of Vishnu. In that occurs this:


12047051a जटिने दण्डिने नित्यं लम्बोदरशरीरिणे

12047051c कमण्डलुनिषङ्गाय तस्मै ब्रह्मात्मने नमः

12047052a शूलिने त्रिदशेशाय त्र्यम्बकाय महात्मने

12047052c भस्मदिग्धोर्ध्वलिङ्गाय तस्मै रुद्रात्मने नमः

It is noteworthy that every adjective, visheShaNa, is in the Chaturthi
vibhakti, to apply to Bhagavan.

Translation by Ganguly:


Thou hadst assumed the form of a recluse with matted locks on head, staff
in hand, a long stomach, and having thy begging bowl for thy quiver.
Salutations to thee in thy form of Brahma. 3 Thou bearest the trident, thou
art the lord of the celestials, thou hast three eyes, and thou art
high-souled. Thy body is always besmeared with ashes, and thy phallic
emblem is always turned upwards. Salutations to thee in thy form of Rudra!
The half-moon forms the ornament of thy forehead. Thou hast snakes for the
holy thread circling thy neck. Thou art armed with Pinaka and trident.
Salutations to thy form of Fierceness!

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