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Thank you for your valuable inputs sir.

Namo narayana

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> Very nice thoughts indeed. This example // A grassworm confined in a hole
> of a wall by a bee always thinks of the bee
> in fear and enmity and later becomes a bee simply because of
> such remembrance //  of the Bhagavatam is found in Advaitic works. It is
> known as 'bhramara - keeTa -nyaya'.  The mumukshu, by constant, intense
> focus on Brahman verily becomes Brahman. Nididhyasanam.
> regards
> subbu
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>> Tomorrow being the auspicious day of ekadashi,just wanted to share my
>> thoughts.
>> The lords compassion is well known. But as shri jagadguru vidyatirtha
>> swamin has told us, he is just as well. That is he awards the punishment
>> for the actions done in a just maner.
>> Its a well known fact that putana, kamsa etc attained the lord. Now there
>> might arise a question as to how can that be justified? Weren't they evil?
>> The Bhagavatha purana has given the answer for this as will-
>> ŚB 7.1.26
>> तस्माद्वैरानुबन्धेन निर्वैरेण भयेन वा ।
>> स्‍नेहात्कामेन वा युञ्‍ज्यात् कथञ्चिन्नेक्षते पृथक् ॥ २६ ॥
>> Therefore by enmity or by devotional service, by fear, by affection or by
>> lusty desire — by all of these or any one of them — if a conditioned soul
>> somehow or other concentrates his mind upon the Lord, the result is the
>> same, for the Lord, because of His blissful position, is never affected by
>> enmity or friendship.
>> ŚB 7.1.28-29
>> कीट: पेशस्कृता रुद्ध: कुड्यायां तमनुस्मरन् ।
>> संरम्भभययोगेन विन्दते तत्स्वरूपताम् ॥ २८ ॥
>> एवं कृष्णे भगवति मायामनुज ईश्वरे ।
>> वैरेण पूतपाप्मानस्तमापुरनुचिन्तया ॥ २९ ॥
>> *kīṭaḥ peśaskṛtā ruddhaḥkuḍyāyāṁ tam
>> anusmaransaṁrambha-bhaya-yogenavindate
>> tat-svarūpatām*
>> *evaṁ kṛṣṇe bhagavatimāyā-manuja īśvarevaireṇa pūta-pāpmānastam āpur
>> anucintayā*
>> *A grassworm confined in a hole of a wall by a bee always thinks of the
>> bee
>> in fear and enmity and later becomes a bee simply because of such
>> remembrance. Similarly, if the Jeeva somehow or other think of Narayana ,
>> who is sac-cid-ānanda-vigraha, they will become free from their sins.
>> Whether thinking of Him as their worshipable Lord or an enemy, because of
>> constantly thinking of Him they will gain swarupa with him.*
>> Ofcourse the commentators such as Sridhar swami have warned that hatred
>> shouldn't be a path chosen. But how can anyone hate such a lord who is
>> compassionate towards his enemies as well?
>> How many prayers or stotras can grasp the greatness of him?
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