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Released by Sri Sannidhanam during Shankara Jayanti Celebrations at
Author Ex DGP, Sanskrit/Vedanta Scholar Sri Aravind Rao has followed
Sri Chandrashekhara Bharati Mahaswamiji’s & #Padmasri
Pullela Sriramachandrudu's commentary to explain the verses.
The Upanishads became the quintessential texts of core Indian philosophy to
which learned scholars go in order to quench their spiritual thirst. Yet a
lay reader, even with sincere spiritual yearning encounters a serious
limitation in trying to understand these texts. One obstacle in their
volume. Another is that the teachings are merely hinted at in some places,
while highly developed in others. Although illumined teachers belonging to
various schools of philosophy elucidated the message in the Upanishads by
writing commentaries on a selected few, others are still not easy to grasp.
This seeming incongruity is due in part to the fact that the messages
within them were presented to seekers of varying levels of spiritual
maturity. To settle this difficulty, great scholars and philosophers
developed manuals to help passionate novice seekers of knowledge and truth.
Vivekachudamani is one of the foremost texts in this category-From the
Foreword by Dr Rajeev Kurapati
Hardbound Book @ a highly reasonable price of Rs.300/- is Available at all
Sringeri Mutt Book Stores.

One can call this number to procure this book: Sri Venkatesh, Bangalore,
903 657 2651.
See the image of the cover page, etc. here:

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