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Vaishnavism - Its Varieties & Evolution | Tamizh Talk | Sri. Dushyanth Sridhar |

How can Sri Dushyanth Sridhar change the Adishankara's hard core philosophy from Shaivatism to Vaishnavism. Adishankara's Puravasrama parents Aryamba, Sivagauru are pure shaivates with Vibhoothi akways on the fore head and typical  kerala Namboodri Brahmmins and his Initial guru 'Govinda Bhagavatpada' may belong to Vaishnava as the name indicated that up to little context.
That too there is a notion exsisting that Shavia is niranjana, nirguna, nirankara prarabrahmma swarupa & Abhisheka Priya where is the sustainer/Maintainer of the world i.e Vishnu alankara Priyaha. Adi chankara's outer appearence (as per the literature) shows that he is always a shiava, nerver be a vaishnava. His kashaya vastra dharana, whering Dandam which is tied with kashaya vastra and all the prominet 4 disciple are also worshippers of Shaiva, Then how can he become vaishnava in the fortnight to trigger the discussion??. This is absolute wrong.  As per the time line he exsists in the period of 728/788-820/828AD. Although Adi Shankara's time period is always debatable due to the lack of evidence of TIME. One thing is correct that he was there at 7-8 Century.
Where as Ramnujacharya belong to 10-11 century (1017-1137AD), It is impossible that meeing of Adishankara with Bhagavt Ramanujacharya which he claims in Tamil or I am not sure what he wants to convay.
Subrahamnayam sir, pls do forward this mail to Sh.Dushyant Sridhar for the references of his claim that Adishankara is hardcore vaishnava????Can he provide more references being the research scholar of Madras University. Most of the things he explaining in Tamil which is sometimes difficult to understand.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
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 Hi All,

In the below video, Dushyant Sridhar from 28:00 to 44:00 gives various
proofs from Adi Shankara's works that he was a Vaishnava from Vyaavahaarika


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