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Dear Members,                           Viraja Homa: How much it is important in the life of an Ascetic/sadhu/sanyasi is not defined any where. But it has to be perfomred in the line of same Guru Parampara & This homa is Must for a Sannyasi. Your preceptor/initiator might not have perfomed due to time lack or whatsever may be the reason, it needs to be done any one of the Same Guru Lineage,
One of the fine exampls is from the Divine Life Society is that:
Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj had given him ochre cloth and Sannyasa Mantras. He even gave the monastic name Swami Brahmananda Saraswati. But Viraja Homa had not been done. Gurudev shed his mortal coil in July 1963. Nilakantha Iyer was at Tiruvanantapuram then. In August 1963, his father also passed away. The temple construction had been completed. Now he decided to stay permanently at Rishikesh. His death some years hence was predicted according to the horoscope. He was anxious to become a full-fledged Sannyasi before this happened. At his request H.H. Sri Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj initiated him into Sannyasa in July 1968 on Guru Purnima day with Viraja Homa, etc. After Sannyasa he started living in the Ashram premises.

Fore more details one can go through the web link: https://www.sivanandaonline.org/?cmd=displaysection§ion_id=1373.
This Viraja Homa is some thing analogues to Sri Vidya Purna Deeksha.
During the Purna Deeeksha, the disciple take the oath in the sankalpa to do the sadhana to know atma tatva, Eswara Tatva, Sarva Tatva apart from the deeksha vows just like in Viraja Homa. Sri Vidya purna deeksha holders should have some food, woman restrictions. They should treat all woman as their mother. They shouldn' take the sugarcane Juce (It is equalent to disovled mind, and the should abandon the junnu i.e milk cake made from the 1-3 days of fresh born calf of cow or Buffalow.
Some of the Initiators are just Transmitters. One of the senior members of the list Sh. Sangara narayanan once mentioning me that all initiators are not transmitters & all preceptors who are giving deeksha are also not the Transmitters. In one of personal visit, He mentioned to me that most of the today's preceptors are not Transmittors. 
But I know few Transmitters who can Transmit the Bioenergy i.e Kundalini to the needy disciples at their will with a touch, divine Look or Shakthipaath.They will just give the mantra deeskha and leave their disciples to their own wisdom/will to forward in the direction of the guru parampara. Some may have their own family members, sons, daughters, nephews and they are more important to them than the actual sincere disciples. Some will take care of the disciples by helping in the srichakra archana, in giving the sri yantra and helping them in the initial periods of sadhana.
Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu



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