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Sometime ago I wrote an article on samnyas deeksha, which may also be seen
in this context.
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> Dear Sir,                Although Sanyasa Asrama rule's are toughest than
> those prescribed, one has to take the consideration of Desa, Kala mana
> situations into account. e.g, There could be Hindu Sanyasis living in the
> western world, for them there could be some relaxations regarding timings,
> food & rules of Chaturmasya Vrata deeksha.
> In the Westernwolrd, Everything is Business which includes, life,
> relations, puja & what not all.I may be shrude in making the statement, but
> it is true that there is no service concept there due to the fact that
> their environment, regulatories are like that there.
> But one thing is sure that any where on this earth, COOKING OF FOOD IS
> Sanyasi shouls take his food by BHIKSHATAN ONLY whether it is possible or
> not, No Exemptions here, otherwise pls don't  go for sanayasa asrama.
> After taking the sanyasa asrama deeksha, there will be no relations exsist
> with any one except your preceptor.
> The Video which I sent yesterday (sent by sri subramanian sir also)
> mentions that the parents addressing their own son as Mahaswami &
> Jagaduguru and prostating to him during puja. It is absolute correct & It
> should be like that. I got a clarification also on this.
> Irrespective of the relations of the purvasrama, Sanyasis should treat all
> the human beings with one intention ONLY. For a Sanyasis, ALL PEOPLE ARE
> SAME, He can advise as per the needs of the people.
> This is different from
> Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
> Kameswara
>     On Wednesday 3 August 2022, 9:48:03 AM IST, KAMESWARARAO MULA <
> kamesh_ccmb at yahoo.co.in> wrote:
>  Dear Sir,                   VIRAJA HOMAM: Some Preceptor's/Guru's Keep
> the Viraja Homa as a secret final fire oblation although sishya sweekra
> ceremony can be made publically. As I mentioned in my previous mail that
> durung the Sanyasa deeksha ceremony, previous materilistic life is
> physically cut, even death rites were performed to start a new life of
> Monastic sanyasa deeksha with absolute self surrender. It will be toughest
> of toughest life and can be easy for a committed person with Guru's
> Guidance in the Initial years (Must & required).
> Yesterday subbramanyan sir sent a beautiful LINK , In which purvasaram
> parent of the Uttaradhikari of sringeripeetham i.e Jagadguru sir
> vidhusrkhara bharathi mahaswamiji and the nice explantion of his parents in
> his previous life is wonderfull, worth listening ans great to know that how
> mahaswami sannidhaanam was nurtured the uttaradhikar since last 20 yrs at
> sringeri mahasamsthanam.
> His purvasrama father Brahmma sri sri Kuppa subrahamanya avadhani garu
> mentioning that he performed the janev samskara at the 5th yrs although
> sastra's prescribed to perform the janev samskara in the astamagarbha i.e
> one should do in the 7th year by counting one yrs in the mothers woomb and
> he also expamined with reference that janev samskara's presciribed in 5th,
> 6th yr also if some one is inclined.
> His mother mentions in telugu that opting the sanyasa deeksha and turning
> to ascetic life is mahaswami's wish and he seeks her permission to do so
> just like adishankara and which benedicted by her.
> Although sanyasa asrama deeksha rules were so tough in the early years ans
> even asi ashankara himself performing her mothers final rites by invoking,
> touching the fire (which is not prescribed for sanyasi).
> Adishankara teaches all of us that Mother is mother, above all for any
> one. All rules & regulations can be relaxed for the mother. As we exsist
> today by the oportunity of the mother and she is heavier than the earth as
> told by yudhistara during yakhsa-prasna samvada.
> I saw in that video his parents mentioning their 2nd son as Jagadguru
> Vidhushekara bharathi mahaswami and they acknowledged that it is the grace
> of Mahasannidhanam jagadguru H.H.Sri Bharathi Teertha Mahaswami , who not
> only nurtured the uttaradhikari for 20 yrs in sastra adhayana and finally
> accepting him as his dearest disciple and appointing him as Uttaradhikari.
> It is nothing but Guru's Grace.
> Here is a conversation with the Purvashrama parents of the Sringeri
> Jagadguru Sannidhanam. A number of Shastra points are discussed and
> clarified. A very useful discourse indeed.
> https://youtu.be/qbgS9KhC-pY
> Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
> Kameswara
>     On Tuesday, 2 August, 2022, 09:37:02 am GMT+5:45, KAMESWARARAO MULA <
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>  Dasanami Sampradaya:                                             Dasanami
> sannyasin, a Shavite, Ascetic, who belongs to one of the 10 orders
> (dashnami, “ten names”) established by the Adi Shankara in the 8th
> century CE and still flourishing even today.
> The 10 orders are Aranya, Ashrama, Bharati, Giri, Parvata, Puri,
> Sarasvati, Sagara, Tirtha, and Vana.
> Each order is attached to one of four monasteries (mathas), also
> established by Shankara, in the north, south, east, and west parts of
> India. They are Jyoti (Joshi) Matha (at Badrinath, near
> Haridwar), Shringeri Matha (Sringeri, Karnataka), Govardhana Matha
> (Puri, Orissa) and Sharada Matha (Dwaraka, Gujarat). The heads of the
> monasteries are called mahants (Peethadipathis)  (the head of the Shringeri
> Matha is called jagadguru, “teacher of the world”); they continue to be
> consulted on points of doctrine and to be accorded the highest respect by
> Hindu laymen as well as by the  ascetics who follow them.
> Dashnami sannyasins typically wear ochre-coloured robes and, if they can
> obtain one, carry on their shoulders a tiger or leopard skin to sit on.
> They wear a mark (tilaka), ideally made with ash from a cremation fire,
> consisting of three horizontal bands across the forehead and on other parts
> of their body, and a necklace-rosary consisting of 108 rudraksha seeds.
> They allow their beards to grow and wear their hair loose about their
> shoulders or else tied in a topknot.
> Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu
> Kameswara
> Some extreme dashnamis go about naked. They are
> called naga (“naked”) sannyasins and are the most militant among the
> ascetics. In the past the naga sannyasins on occasion engaged in battles
> with Islamic militants and with the naked ascetics of other Hindu sects.
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