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Namaste Raghav ji,

Exactly - we are talking of pratibandha-s in the rise of jnAna versus
pratibandha-s in the acceptance that the jnAna that has risen is valid.

If there is a time delay between shravaNam and the knowledge that "I am
free", it can be because of pratibandha in the rise of AtmasAkshAtkAra or
pratibandha in accepting that AtmasAkshAtkAra has risen and nothing further
remains to be done.

I remember Swami Paramarthananda ji used to say when talking of the
Bharcchu story - two things are needed for moksha 1) aproksha AtmajnAna and
2) the jnAna that aparoksha Atma jnAna is sufficient.

Now the question is if both pratibandha and samskAra are needed to explain
the delay or whether pratibandha alone is sufficient.

I suggest that both are needed, because even where the pratibandha has
ended, there needs to be something to trigger AtmasAkshAtkAra jnAna, as
opposed to say, ghaTajnAna. That trigger is the samskAra of shravaNam done


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> Namaste Satyan ji
> Thank you for your post. And happy to see you are on advaita-l as well!
> The ineffective vRtti which arises initially upon shravaNam but is unable
> to destroy avidyA -  it would have to be given some qualification such as
> sapratibandhaka Gyaanam or paroxa-GYAnam - some moniker short of calling it
> GYAna-vRtti. Otherwise the
> *"चरम एव जन्मनि ज्ञानम् ( ज्ञानवृत्ति:) जायेत"  (the Gyaanam arises *only*
> in the last birth)*
>  would not be reasonable. (word in bracket is mine).
> It may be more of a semantic difference but the idea is - the
> pratibandhakas we talk of are w.r.t. GYAnam arising or w.r.t. GYAna phalam
> being produced - that makes a difference. In case of the Rishi Apaantara
> Tamas, from what I read he was already a GYAnI but had multiple janma
> prArabdha. In contrast,  there could be other cases  like Vamadeva where as
> Sri Nischala Dasa says "*चरम एव जन्मनि ज्ञानम् जायेत". *
> The two cases seem slightly different?
> Raghav
> P S.
> A small aside...Regarding the example given by Pujya Swami Dayanandaji
> about the delayed understanding of a joke as an example of how shravaNam
> may generate the GYAna vRtti after a delay, I was reminded of the
> "extended" anecdote told by him.
> I recollect Swami Dayanandaji saying something like this-
> "One joke can generate *many* laughs. I related a joke in the class and
> some students laughed because they got it. One mAmA did not get it
> immediately but some days later he came and met me. The maamaa said that
> although he did not get the joke when I related it in the class, after he
> went home, he was having a relaxing shower ... and suddenly the joke dawned
> on him and he laughed heartily. Then the maamaa explained how he figured
> out the joke. Listening to his explanation of the joke, I laughed...because
> he *still* had not got it...!!!"

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