[Advaita-l] [advaitin] 'Dvaita accepts body-adhyasa'

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The BG 13th ch. verse 'purushah prakriti- stho hi bhunkte prajritijaan
gunaan. Kaaranam gunasangosya sadasad yonijanmasu' teaches that Atma,
identified with the prakriti (as body mind senses prana complex - dharmi
adhyasa) considers the prakriti dharmas as its own (dharma adhyasa). This
results in samsara, birth repeatedly.

It also teaches prakriti and purusha are anadi. Thus, this adhyasa and
samsara are also anaadi. So there is no anyonyashraya defect in all schools
which accept adhyasa and samsara as anadi.

As to when  and how the adhyasa took place is not the responsibility of the
shaastra to explain. It is committed to only show  the remedy. And that is
the viveka between atma and anatma and claiming oneself to be the Atma.

The 13th chapter is a mirror of the adhyasa bhashya.


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> Dear Vinodh-ji
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> You cannot establish vyavahara unless you admit fundamental adhyAsa in
> shuddha Atma. You cannot posit adhyAsa unless Jiva bhAva and vyavahara is
> admitted on Atman. This is exactly called anyOnashrya.
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