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Sun Oct 24 02:05:46 EDT 2021

Owing to the utsavas and goings on in my personal life, it has been a 
while since I processed new members.  My apologies to those who have been 
waiting a long time.


After learning karma, upasana, slowly I was guided to jnana yogafor for some 
time I was in sankhya yoga. Though k was asked to go in for Rajayoga I as 
attracted to ward jnana yoga for it's reading removed fear in me about 
rebirths. I am a manadhadhikari trying to understand jnanayoga due to krupa of 
Esawara. I a. Interested in practice of jnana yoga than the terminology of 
sankrit words translated into unsutable English words. With Pranams to all 
those in the group I join to learn and clear my doubts in Sankaracharya 
advaita vedanta. 🙏

B Karthikeyan

A Software Engineer by profession. On the journey of learning sanskrit and
from upanishads and Vedha.


Hare Krishna,

I am Arun, working in the IT sector, age 31. I am hoping to gain some 
information about living "shrotriya brahmanishta" jivanmuktas. Also, hoping to 
learn about bhakti sadhana and gaining clarity on lakshya boddham.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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