[Advaita-l] On Ramana

Ven Balakrishnan ventzu at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jun 26 16:23:54 EDT 2021

In Chandogya Up Bhasya 8.12.2, Sankara writes:

"Therefore, this Knowledge-which can be realized only by those who have given up all desires for external things, who have nothing else to resort to, who belong to the class of mendicants called Paramahamsas, who have transcended the four stages of life, devoted to the realization arising from the Upanishads, who are themost adorable, and who are the followers of the tradition established by Prajapati-, has been presented by the Upanishad in the last four sections. Therefore, even today, it is they who teach this and not others.”

Now Prajapati's teaching culminated in dis-identification with the body-mind.

Ramanamaharishi fulfils that description (and his teaching is in line with that of Prajapati).

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