[Advaita-l] Anugita bhasya

Ven Balakrishnan ventzu at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Jun 24 04:45:59 EDT 2021

Dear Jaldhar-ji

Thank you for that recommendation on Anugita.

On Ramana it always seemed to me that the quest of ‘who am I’ is the fundamental question that Advaita is trying to address.  His essay "Nan Yar” essentially summarises the key aspects of advaitic teaching, without going into the logical reasoning that Sankara does.   Also this ‘who am I’ diving inwardly contemplation, strikes me as comparable to BG in its recommendation to have a constant stream of thought towards the Self.  It is also I think the implication of Brhad Up 3.5.1 when it talks about living on the strength of that knowledge and dwelling on it - as Sankara says in Brhad Up 4.5.15:  neti, neti and renunciation is the final conclusion of it all.

On commentaries on Ulladu Narpadu - I recommend Lakshmana Sarma.  He had personal verse by verse instruction on it from Bhagavan, and checked his understanding as he wrote it.

Best wishes,

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