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You state " rAmakrishna paramahaMsa he can be an inspirational figure but
not a traditional teacher"
Can you please elaborate on why you think Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was
not a traditional teacher?


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> sAshtAnga praNAms Sri Jaldhar Vyas Prabhuji
> Hare Krishna
> But he was not a systematic thinker and it would be a mistake to treat him
> as such.  He can be a source of inspiration and that is enough.
> >   In my humble opinion, it is very bold and open opinion might as
> against the opinion of some traditionalists who have the firm conviction
> that bhagavAn's teachings are indeed in line with traditional Advaita
> teaching!!.  Kindly elaborate you above statement if possible prabhuji.
> Are you of the opinion that his teachings are traditionally not valid one
> and not good for shravaNAdi advaitic sAdhana and  he is mere brahmanishTa
> and NOT shrOtreeya  and hence his teachings are NOT based on shAstra??
> Like rAmakrishna paramahaMsa he can be an inspirational figure but not a
> traditional teacher ??  Please clarify.
> Your humble servant
> Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!
> bhaskar
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> Every inch of punyabharata has been blessed by contact with the feet of
> saints from the mists of the ancient past to the present day.  Some of
> these have been great sages and scholars who poured their insights into
> works of both great beauty and great profundity.  They initiated disciples
> and built institutions to keep the flame of dharma alive. Others also set
> forth from their homes inspired by nothing more than the longings of their
> own souls and that was enough.  They did not form lineages, they did not
> write well-distributed books (if they wrote anything) at all and most of
> them never became known further than their own village or maybe a small
> region beyond.
> Venkataraman Iyer was born in a time and place where both these types of
> saint were still common.  So he would have been immersed in an atmosphere
> where someone of a naturally spiritual inclination (as by all evidence he
> had from childhood) would have received great nourishment even without
> formal education.  We know he was an able poet in Tamil.  We know that he
> had enough knowledge of Sanskrit to be able to read and discuss stotras and
> philosophical works and even translate some of them.  And he had
> association with many people who were classically educated and could remedy
> any lack in those areas.
> Because there was a lack as there would have been for any autodidact.  I
> compare him with another self-taught Tamil genius, his contemporary
> Srinivas Ramanujan.  Ramanujans insights into mathematics are still bearing
> fruit to advanced researchers to this day.  But as his biographer Hardy
> noted, he sometimes made simple mistakes or put things in unnecessarily
> hard to understand (for mathematicians) ways not due to lack of
> intelligence but simply because he had not been "initiated" into the
> standard academic culture of mathematics.  I don't think Hardy meant to
> belittle him by saying this neither should we think less of him for it.
> It is just a fact. I feel we should look at Raman in the same way.  He
> never tried to recruit followers or build himself up as a guru but he
> impressed people and they asked him questions so he answered them out of
> love.  But he was not a systematic thinker and it would be a mistake to
> treat him as such.  He can be a source of inspiration and that is enough.
> Ramanujans style did not replace the way Mathematics is done then or now
> rather it is through the lens of that way that his true brilliance could be
> discerned.  In the same way I suggest that if consider yourself inspired by
> Raman, if you think the most vital question is "Who am I?  It is even more
> incumbent upon you to learn the formal methods of Advaita Vedanta as no man
> is an island and noquestion comes out of a void.
> --
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