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 Dear Mahadevan,
Here is the one scientific answer which came in TIMES:Often, saffron is touted as nothing more than a religious colour that holds mythological significance. When we look at it spiritually, the colour resonates with two auspicious things in Hindu mythology - the colour of the sunrise/sunset (sandhya) and of fire (agni). The Sun and the Fire are two of the most important elements that hold significant powers. But, as it is a world that is raged by science today, we can’t help but ask if there is a scientific reason behind saints wearing the colour saffron in India? Though the reason may not be exactly what resonates in their minds when they wear it, was there any reasoning behind it being so in the first place? We talked to Dr BK Chandrashekhar, an expert in psycho neurobics, to understand the science behind this choice of colour and he has interesting scientific insights to share.

Then coming backto your Questions:

Saffron is the color of yellow/orange shade. Naturally you can see that during the sun set, there is absolute coolness, you can observe the periphary among the Bright red color.
It is like a cool fire, you can use it to elevate the chakras, it doesn't mean that cool never indicates that you should to nearer to that.

Holi/vastantotasava festival uses the mixture of colors and you can observe the saffron in that as predominant and Lord Hanuman uses to completely to cover his body when sita say that small pinch of saffron protects the Lord Rama as sAUBHAGYA.

Sanyasi uses the saffron as the per the Dasanami samprayadaya procedures. Since his guru uses that from the generations, people are following this. A perfect sanyasi should always ware kashaya if not his danda has to be tied with little kashaya cloth. Sanyasi is never a wandering monk, he should be like mentally out of the world although physically exsists. He should be also treated like a cool sun and one shouldn't touch him, you can prostate from distance. His aura is protected from his/Guru's spritual power.
It is indeed a Saubhagya Drvaya for woman. Some raja yoga sanyasins of Brahmma Kumari's wear White cold as a symbol of purity/Shanti. However while is combination of all colors only.

Sri Guru Padaravindarpana Mastu

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Should a Sanyasi wear saffron or white only ? Is there any mention about
this in scriptures ? How did saffron gets associated with Hinduism?

Mahadevan Iyer
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