[Advaita-l] Commentary on Ramana's Forty Verses

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On Sat, 19 Jun 2021, H S Chandramouli via Advaita-l wrote:

> Namaste.
> Even among the traditionalists, there is a debate as to whether Sri
> Bhagavatpada enjoins ashrama sanyasa as a prerequisite for Realization.
> Swami Paramarthananda himself takes the view that it is not compulsory even
> as per Sri Bhagavatpada.

Yes I think it is pretty clear that the "institution" of sannyasa (with 
danda, kesari clothes etc.) is not a hard requirement. But the physical 
renunciation of material goods and values is required for moksha wouldn't 
you agree?

Hopefully sometime next week I can write about the discussion on sannyasa 
ashrama in the Brahmasutras.

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