[Advaita-l] Commentary on Ramana's Forty Verses

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Sun Jun 20 02:37:21 EDT 2021

On Sun, 20 Jun 2021, Akilesh Ayyar via Advaita-l wrote:

> Uh, no, actually, if you read a little later in the conversation, Ven says
> to me of my position on this point that I am using
> "verbal acrobatics to justify this position, arguing a phrase here is
> figurative, whereas a phrase there should be taken *literally*."

Wow, you really don't know what "here and there" means!!!  Still I'm 
impressed you manged to travel in time and make a rejoinder to an argument 
from the future.

> Funny, "everyone" seems to include only the people who agree with you. I
> wonder why?

Glad you asked.  Because I'm not giving my personal view but that of a 
sampradaya that has been teaching this for centuries.

> Interesting how Ramana himself in all his discourses seems
> perfectly capable of using the word sannyasa when he wants to, usually in a
> way that you disagree with.

I never bothered with Raman and his teachings myself but I have some 
respect for him/them because people I respect respect them.  But the sole 
reason for discussing his views on a list for Advaita Vedanta is if those 
views are consonant with Advaita Vedanta (which existed long before him.) 
If as you say, he actually wasn't an Advaitin which I find hard to believe 
but if it is true, then his views have no place in advaita-l.

>> know Brahman, to discuss Brahman and to pass on the knowledge of Brahman
>> is not karma because it is not motivated by desire but by abidance in
>> Brahman.  These are not "social relations."
> No. Wrong. That's all prarabhda karma..

Let it be so, it doesn't change the fact they are not producing new karma 
neither are they part of the web of social relations.

Anyway, I've removed you from the list now.  You can spread your wisdom 
somewhere else.

Jaldhar H. Vyas <jaldhar at braincells.com>

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