[Advaita-l] No Arjuna was not a jnani

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Sun Jun 20 02:17:32 EDT 2021

On Sun, 20 Jun 2021, Akilesh Ayyar via Advaita-l wrote:

> If Sankara wanted to say that Arjuna merely thinks he is a jnani, but
> isn't,

Perhaps Arjuna even did understand for a little while but due to his lack 
of vairagya and the resulting sannyasa he didn't become jnananishta.

> he would have said so.

He did say so.  In the Anugitabhashya.

> Far more likely is that Arjuna really is a jnani, and is playfully giving
> Krishna another opportunity to speak again about Brahman and moksha. Likely
> they are both in on the joke.
> That seems far more likely than that
> a) Arjuna forgot everything Krishna said in the BG (really it's
> preposterous),
> b)  that Krishna didn't realize that Arjuna *didn't* actually destroy his
> ignorance at the end of the BG & that his answer to Krishna's question
> about that was fasle
> c) that Sankara didn't note this point at all

See now you're just making things up.  This is a list for Advaita Vedanta 
not random speculation by illiterates.  The only reason you've been 
tolerated this long because you atleast try to back up your assertions 
with rational arguments.  Not very good ones but I don't hold that against 
you as everyone has to start somewhere.  But if you are just going to spew 
random opinions you can do it somewhere else.

> d) that Krishna lacks the yogic power to repeat what he said in the BG.

For other readers I should just like to note that nowhere in the text I 
quoted does it say that Krishna Bhagavan lacks the yogic power but only 
that he says he can't or won't use it at that particular time.

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