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> Pranams,
> 1. Is it wrong to interpret "Saccidānanda" as Sat, Cit & Ananda instead of
> Sat, Cit & Aananda?

What difference do you see between the two interpretations, excepting the
extra 'a' which does not add anything to the absence of the extra a?

> 2. Saccidānanda is said to be the description of Brahman. If that is true,
> from whose perspective is this being said?

Actually Saccidananda is jiva's svarupa as well. Aatman is sat, existence,
chit, consciousness and ananda, bliss.

> 3. Does the very idea of Brahman depends upon the perspective of a Jiva?

No. Brahman alone exists.

> 4. If not, then Why can't Truth be both Non-dual & Dual at the same time?

Brahman alone is the Truth, non-dual. Jiva/jivatva is due to ignorance that
Infinite Brahman alone exists. When this truth is known, there is no longer
an entity called jiva.


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