[Advaita-l] Commentary on Ramana's Forty Verses

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> Have a read of Kartik’s reply - there are degrees of desirelessness and
> renunciation.

I don't see Kartik's reply.

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So best if we just hit "reply" and send messages to the list only, and not
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> In BG, as has been said, Krishna is teaching Arjuna who is not ready for
> renunciation.  He does in this case grant the Janaka exception, but this is
> the only place he does so in all his bhasya (as far as I can remember -
> please other members correct me).   Elsewhere he emphasises renunciation of
> action and desires as prerequisites, as per the Aitreya bhasya quote.\

He also apparently grants the Arjuna exception, since he acknowledges in
the BG Bhashya to 18.73 that Arjuna is a jnani without having ever
physically renounced.

He also apparently grants the Raikva, the Gargi, and Vidura exceptions in
the Brahma Sutra Bhashya (3.4.36), none of whom are proper physical

He also grants the exception to kings like Vivasvan, Manu, and Iksavaku in
his BG bhashya 4.1.

He also implies that there are others, since in Brahma Sutra Bhashya
1.3.38, he says that those who are not qualified to study the Vedas can
still attain the knowledge of Brahman through the Puranas.


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