[Advaita-l] 'If your right hands offends thee' -- the structural method for seekers dealing with desires & fears

Akilesh Ayyar ayyar at akilesh.com
Fri Jun 11 01:16:00 EDT 2021


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Spiritual seekers find inevitable resistance of various kinds to their
self-inquiry and surrender. These resistances are based in attachments to
their personal identity and the associated desires and fears.

I'm usually not a fan of overpowering our desires and fears. Where these
are strong, I find that is futile. In particular, ideas of laziness and
willpower are almost entirely useless. Resistance must be engaged in
dialogue, and our feelings shown into the light of awareness.

That said, the ancient method of dealing with desires and fears was
structural -- eliminate the circumstances which caused them. Where the
desires and fears are relatively weak compared to the strength of the
spiritual desire, this can still be useful.

Akilesh Ayyar
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