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Namaste Praveenji

I gather that the pre-Shankara naiyAyikas were not theologically sectarian
Vaishnavas. This is as one would expect.

 But navya nyAya is extensively employed by later dvaitins (sectarian

So I was wondering who if any inherited the mantle of the earlier
non-sectarian naiyAyikas. Then I later came across the fact that Gangesha
Upadhyaya, the great acharya of navya-nyAya begins his work,
tattvacintaamaNi, with a salutation to Lord Shiva. And a critic of
khanDanakhanDakhAdya viz., Shankara Mishra was also not known to be of the
vaiShNava school.

And yes I understand it's quite apt to note the closeness between
pre-Shankara bhedAbhedavAda (which Sri Shankara has refuted in bhAShyas)
and later vaiShNava dvaita (the gauDiya vaiShNavas are not apologetic to
label themselves acintya-bhedAbheda). It certainly  does invite the charge
of pracchana-tArkika (crypto-logicians) upon later dvaita schools.


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> Namaste Raghavji,
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> Or is it that the older naiyAyikas just switched allegiance to dvaita as
> > seen in nyAyAmRta etc.?
> >
> Wouldn't it be more the other way around, considering that naiyAyikas were
> already Dvaitins? Dvaitavedantins seem to have switched allegiance to
> nyAya, being pracchanna-naiyAyikas!
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