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//It was in the South that when people of North India were hiding
themselves in woods and forests, giving up their treasures, their household
deities, and wives and children, before the triumphant war-cry of
Mohammedan invaders — the suzerainty of the King of Vidyânagar was
established firm as ever. In the South, again, was born the wonderful
Sâyanâchârya — the strength of whose arms, vanquishing the Mohammedans,
kept King Bukka on his throne, whose wise counsels gave stability to the
Vidyanagar Kingdom, whose state-policy established lasting peace and
prosperity in the Deccan, whose superhuman genius and extraordinary
industry produced the commentaries on the whole Vedas — and the product of
whose wonderful sacrifice, renunciation, and researches was the Vedanta
treatise named Panchadashi — that Sannyasin Vidyâranya Muni or Sayana
(According to some, Sayana, the commentator of the Vedas, was the brother
of Vidyaranya Muni.) was born in this land. //   - Swami Vivekananda,
Memoirs of European Travel I, translated from Bengali, 1899.  From The
Complete Works, Vol 7.
Perhaps this is the finest tribute to South India ever written in Bengali.
Thanks Jataayu B'luru

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