[Advaita-l] Aadi Shankaracharya - Life and Works - Seminar

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Thu Jul 8 14:15:32 EDT 2021

Seminar Series Indic Studies

Aadi Shankaracharya - Life and Works

Aadi Shankara needs no introduction - a philosopher par excellence, he
travelled all over India to help restore the study of the Vedas. His
ingenuity, logic and knowledge of the Vedanta tradition of Sanatana Dharma
made Advaita the most important tradition for millennia to come. This talk
presents an overview of the life and works of the great Guru.

About the Speaker: Dr. Sucheta Paranjpe is a retired Professor of Sanskrit,
an associate Faculty at Leipzig University, Germany and visiting Faculty at
Macalester College, St. Paul. She continues to be a passionate student of
Vedic studies, particularly the Mahabharat.

Day: Saturday
Time: July 10, 11.00 AM EST (Toronto)
        July 10, 8.00 AM PST (California)
        July 10, 8.30 PM IST (Mumbai)
    July 10, 4.00 PM UK Time (London)

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