[Advaita-l] " काशीमृतिमोक्षनिर्णयः " By " Mahamahopadhyaya " Dr. Manidravida SastryGal. - English Translation

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Here is the gist of the talk:

There is a popular belief that one who dies in Kashi (Varanasi) will attain
mukti.  People ask: Just because a person dies in Kashi, how is it
justified to say that he attains mukti? Someone who is a great sinner, on
his merely dying in Kashi, cannot be said to become liberated.  To such an
objection we have to give this reply:

It is not that mukti is assured on the mere dying in Kashi.  There is the
mention of a 'Bhairava Yaatanaa' which means: Bhairava, the presiding deity
in Kashi (Kaala Bhairava), will put the jiva through a very rigorous
suffering experience and thereby purify the jiva. Then Shiva gives the jiva
the mahavakya upadesha and thereby the jiva becomes a jnani.  Thus, the
intervention of Bhairava is very important in the scheme of this belief.

Also, dying in Kashi is not an ordinary thing. There are many who have
lived in Kashi for decades, only to die there, but destiny makes them leave
the city and they die in some other place. There are also many who go to
Kashi on a visit and die there. Also, a person who appears to be a great
sinner could be a person with great merit. The vice versa too is possible.
Karma is something that is known only to Bhagavan and no one else.


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> Hari Om,
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> It is a 3.07 minutes speech in Tamil by Dr. Manidravida SastryGal
> I request for its translation in English or Hindi or Telugu.
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