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Subject: About the origins of the verse on 'khyatipanchakam'
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I would like to know the earliest occurrence of this popular verse on the
five khyati-s:

आत्मख्यातिरसत्ख्यातिरख्यातिः ख्यातिरन्यथा ।
तथा’निर्वचनख्यातिरित्येतत् ख्यातिपञ्चकम् ॥

What was the prasakti, occasion/need, for the various dArshanika-s to
specify/develop a khyAti for their darshana?

Since the khyAti is all about the views on 'bhrama', what relation did this
have to their fundamental philosophy?

Do the Bauddha and Jaina ancient books talk about these/their khyAti?

In the verse we find that of the five, excepting the last one, the rest are
all of the Bauddha, Mimamsa and Nyaya darshanas. Was it that Advaita was
the only Vedanta darshana during those times?

There is an implicit reference to the various khyatis in the Adhyasa
bhashya of Shankaracharya.  The commentators make the names explicit.

Any pointers to the earliest occurrence of the verse or names of the
khyatis in any texts is welcome.

Thanks and regards

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