[Advaita-l] True nature of Brahman - Siva puranam compare with Bhagavatam

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Tue Dec 7 03:21:46 EST 2021

Brahman is to be known after negating everything that is encountered as per
the teaching Neti Neti
In the Shiva Puranam, the nature of Brahman is taught as under:

शिवपुराणम्/संहिता २ (रुद्रसंहिता)/खण्डः २ (सतीखण्डः)/अध्यायः १५
The Devas say:

निषेधशेषस्सर्वं त्वं विश्वकृद्विश्वपालकः ।।
विश्वलयकृद्विश्वात्मा प्रणतास्स्मस्तमीश्वरम् ।।६२।।
न त्वं देवो ऽसुरो मर्त्यो न तिर्यङ् न द्विजः प्रभो ।।
न स्त्री न षंढो न पुमान्सदसन्न च किंचन ।। ६१ ।।

We prostrate before That which remains after negating everything, is the
Creator, Sustainer and Destroyer of the creation.

You are not any of the categories of jivas such as deva, asura, human,
animal, not any gender, neither sat nor asat...

This too is found in the following Bhagavatam verse:

This very way to arriving at Brahman is taught in the Bhagavatam too:

स वै न देवासुरमर्त्यतिर्यङ्
न स्त्री न षण्ढो न पुमान्न जन्तुः ।
नायं गुणः कर्म न सन्न चासन्
निषेधशेषो जयतादशेषः ॥ २४ ॥ 8.3.24

One can read the following post (in Kannada, though with many Sanskrit
quotes) here for further elucidation of the Bhagavatam verse:


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