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The most direct influence on Sikhism was the Shaiva Nath sampradaya along 
with Sufism (which in that area was also influenced by the Naths.) 
Advaita Vedanta itself was "in the air" and any educated person would have 
been aware of the basics even if they had not formally studied it in 

Advaita Vedanta was a bigger influence on Guru Nanaks son Shrichand who 
founded the Udasin sampradaya.  When I went to Haridwar some time back for 
my Kai. fathers asthi visarjan, I met an Udasin Babaji who told me that in 
their maths they study both Guru Granth and prasthanatrayi with 

The Udasins previously had control of many major Sikh Gurudwaras but the 
19th century Sikh reform movement put an end to that.  Another problem is 
their main base of support was in Western Punjab which is now in Pakistan 
and partition and subsequent events also damaged their strength.  But many 
Sindhi and Punjabi Hindus still follow them.

The Nirmalas are another Sikh offshoot who also follow Advaita Vedanta.

Another significant figure in the Sant tradition (albeit from Rajasthan 
and not related to Sikhism) was Shri Dadu Dayal.  Sant Nishchaladas the 
author of the famous Vichara Sagara was a member of Dadu panth.

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