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We are very sad to convey that one of our pillar members, Dr. Sunder
Hattangadi passed away peacefully last friday (due to heart complications)
at age 85. He was staying with his wife in a senior center near his one of
the two daughters. He moved from his long time career-based stay (40+years)
in Battlecreek, MI to St. Louis to be close to the daughter, certainly in a
vAnaprastha style. He was a psychiatrist by profession.

He was a lifetime Vedanta student and could refer to quotes from different
scriptures to answer any of the questions posed. He frequented the Vedanta
and Sanskrit/Bharatiya Vidvat Parishad/ Mandiyali and other
google/yahoo/alt-news groups and assisted many. He was instrumental in
entering hundreds of texts on Sanskrit Documents site, main to mention the
upanishads, Shankaracharya's compositions and Vedanta texts, giving a solid
foundation to our Sanskrit texts collection throughout. He had witnessed
and guided us during our transition of the site from raw to current
advanced level over decades. His search capability on internet was very
intense and he had a knack of finding any book, passage, verse or links
when asked. We would CC/BCC an enquiry from someone and without directly
asking would receive the relevant links from him in short time.

His hearing ability had declined over the years but was fully communicative
over the phone with voice-to-text feature. His wife Leenaji was always
supportive and beside him in ups and downs they faced in the life's
journey.  He would stay content and occupied in self study,
walking-exercise, and internet browsing, no TV or audio-visual interest.
His passion was to play/follow tennis, travel, and was an avid reader.  He
was very patient and accomodating by nature and joyful in association,
Rishitulya indeed!

He had recorded many stotras and texts in his own voice and posted them on
archive.org. The link is

For the entry in a thousand full moons (sahasrachandradarshan for people of
age 81+ years) celebration site, Sunderji had provided a time line of his
life events and activities.  Please read through

We are going to miss him very much.

May his soul continue onwards peacefully and reach (sadgati) high spiritual

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