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Hari Om Subbu

The talk was well rendered. The comparison between Adi Shankra and
Pattinathar was very apt. The part where he concludes that intensity of
mother's love  has sprang forth in Mathruka Panchakam and 10 verses of
pattinathar. Both made promises to their mothers that they would b with
them in their last moments.  The rest of teh talk was powerful and

Thank you for sharing
Shri Rammohan
On Wednesday, September 23, 2020 at 8:33:13 PM UTC+5:30 v.subrahmanian

> In this marvelous scholarly Tamil speech, the popular speaker touches upon
> Shankara's Matru panchakam.  From 1 hour11 minutes into the video he brings
> before our eyes the emotions of Shankara's tribute to His mother and
> compares the same event with Pattinathar's similar situation.
> Subject: Watch "பட்டினத்தார் | தமிழருவி மணியன் | Patinathar | Tamilaru
> Manian Speech | Eppo Varuvaro" on YouTube
> https://youtu.be/NvBFyY58tsI
> regards
> subbu
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