[Advaita-l] Bagavatham

Kaushik Chevendra chevendrakaushik at gmail.com
Thu Sep 17 09:38:34 EDT 2020

One curse given to shiva by bhrigu in bagavatham.

Those who vow to worship Lord Śiva are so foolish that they imitate him by
keeping long hair on their heads. When initiated into worship of Lord Śiva,
they prefer to live on wine, flesh and other such things.
Text 30: Bhṛgu Muni continued: Since you blaspheme the Vedas and the
brāhmaṇas, who are followers of the Vedic principles, it is understood that
you have already taken shelter of the doctrine of atheism.
Text 31: The Vedas give the eternal regulative principles for auspicious
advancement in human civilization which have been rigidly followed in the
past. The strong evidence of this principle is the Supreme Personality of
Godhead, who is called Janārdana, the well-wisher of all living entities.
Text 32: By blaspheming the principles of the Vedas, which are the pure and
supreme path of the saintly persons, certainly you followers of Bhūtapati,
Lord Śiva, will descend to the standard of atheism without a doubt.

How should we understand this?

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