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Sun Sep 13 23:01:57 EDT 2020

Namaste Chandramouliji

Swami Sarvapriyananda ji is an excellent teacher.

The following is not to nitpick but only to see the origin of the idea.

Is the characterization of the mahavAkyas as lakshana (praGYAnam brahma),
anusandhaana (aham brahmaani), upadesha (tattvamasi) and anubhava (ayam
aatmaa Brahma) mentioned somewhere in the traditional granthas? I have
heard these words before and the use of these Sanskrit words seems to
indicate prior precedent.

It would appear that the anusandhaana and anubhava vAkyas appear as if they
have been switched?

Swami Dayananda Saraswati Ji was of the view that all mahavAkya-s are
equivalent since the student of any single veda should still have access to
pUrNa GYAnam.

 Once he (rhetorically?) suggested that any jiveshvaraikya bodhaka vAkya
would qualify to be called a mahAvAkya. Even the idea expressed in tasmAdvA
etasmAdAtmana Akashah saMbhUtaH is sufficient since it has the tat and etat
pada-s in samAnAdhikaraNyam.


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> > clear understanding.  He takes many questions and addresses them deftly.
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> > https://youtu.be/ihg8JDkrRBs  Part 1
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> > Part 2  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6iCvX0ouiA
> Namaste.
> Concerning the answers to questions in Part 2, From 1-06 onwards, different
> understandings are possible. Just a note of caution.
> Regards
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