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Sadara praNAmam,
Saundarya Lahari is unusually vast and deep.
Hence there is no question of the best bhashya.
Each commentary is centered around a particular aspect.
Seen a work with 11 sanskrit commentaries and
English translation and notes edited and published
by Kanchi Kamakoti peetam.In it also, Lekshmi Dhara's
commentary is given as the first.
As far as English commentaries are concerned
the one by Pt.S Subramanya Sastri published by
Theosophical Society, Adayar is an excellent one.
Lectures by Sampoojya Chandrashekharendra Saraswati Swamikal
translated to English and published by Bhavan's gives many
aspects not touched by most of the Sanskrit authors.

*Prof. Sivakumar *

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> On Tue, 1 Sep 2020, Indira Sastry via Advaita-l wrote:
> > Namaste Sarvebhya:
> > I would like to know from the scholars of this group as to which is the
> > best Sanskrit bhashya written on Saundaryalahari. I heard there are about
> > 36 Sanskrit bhashyas. Also which is the best English commentary on the
> > same. Thanks in advance for your help.
> > Thanks
> The tika by Lakshmidhara Kavi is probably the most popular but it is
> somewhat controversial in that the author is a proponent of samayachara in
> which there is a purely symbolic interpretation of certain tantric
> concepts which is considered to be too "reformed" by more traditional
> scholars.  Thus I think if you want to go beyond more than just the patha
> of this stotra, it is better to get diksha from a sampradayika guru and
> ask them which is best or get the explanation directly from them.
> As for English translations, Prof. W. Norman Brown of the University of
> Pennsylvania wrote one called "Saundarya Lahari or The Flood of Beauty."
> It is long out of print but you should be able to find the PDF online
> somewhere.
> I also have a book by Shri Sadanand Brahmachari of Dwarka Matha which
> along with the Sanskrit, has Gujarati, Hindi, and English translations.
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