[Advaita-l] Are sandhi rules essential to be followed while chanting gita verses?

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Namaste Sriram ji
Thank you for your reply.
I heard the following version which I felt was doing too much sandhi
viccheda. So the question arose.



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> Namaste,
> Generally, BG shloka contains 4 pAdAs with each having 8 syllables. So,
> while chanting,
> we give a short pause at 8th and resume.  There are exceptional shlokas
> that have more than
> 32 syllables and proper pause has to be followed.
> It is always a good practice to follow the sandhi rules as the chanting
> evokes a sense of
> rythm (गीता सुगीता कर्तव्या)
> 2nd option is more naive which is taught to kids.  3rd seems to be good.
> The Gita Press has recently published the 'सरल गीता that has markings
> where to pause.
> Regs,
> Sriram
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