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Summary: The spiritual search requires a thorough and consistent turning
away from the changing world of thoughts. This happens through consistently
maintained surrender or self-inquiry. When that is attempted, there is
often going to be resistance. Resistance is simply an inability for
whatever reason to keep up the self-inquiry or surrender. It results from
the ego's belief that it won't get what it wants or avoid what it fears if
it turns away from thought. And of course its pursuit of its desires and
fears is also what maintains that very ego. The approach to resistance must
be to examine where it happens. Are there patterns and particular
situations which provoke it? Next, try to listen to it very carefully and
empathetically, trying to express what it is saying. The more you can
listen to the feelings associated with that resistance, the better. Next,
try to address the concerns of that resistance... perhaps by thinking about
facts that shows its fears in a new light -- this can come from speaking
with a teacher, reading spiritual materials, or simple reflection. If there
are recurring resistances which you cannot understand, turning to
psychoanalysis or psychoanalytic therapy can be helpful. Finally, be
patient with yourself. You can never outrun what you currently want; you
can only be honest with yourself about it. That very honesty will propel
you forward.

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