[Advaita-l] रुपयौवनसंपन्ना मूर्तेव वनदेवता

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Fri Oct 16 12:15:03 EDT 2020

Pranam to all members

In the Talks On Sri Rudram by swami Dayananda Saraswati, there is a dhyana sloka before anuvaka.

This beautiful sloka that begins with रुपयौवनसंपन्ना मूर्तेव वनदेवता , and contains 10 or 12 verses, appears before the 8th Anuvaka and it is for both the 8th and 9th anuvakas. It is a beautiful visualization of Lord Shiva decorated with garlands of fragrant flowers, smelling them with one hand and with his other arm around Parvati's shoulder who stands holding his bow.

I have two questions: the Sri Rudram I have in Tamil does not have any such dhyana slokas before the anuvakas. Did Swami Dayananda provide these dhyna slokas on his own? It seems to be so because the Chanting of Rudram is continuous and there are no breaks as such.

Question 2: Does anyone know the source of this dhyana sloka? The text does not quote the source. It does note the rishi, chandas,, and devata.

Thank you.


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