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Kaushik Chevendra chevendrakaushik at gmail.com
Thu Oct 15 09:25:06 EDT 2020

Namaste. I ask the elders to forgive me for asking a question which may not
directly be related to advaita. But please take some time to answer.

In Padma Purana there is a verse-

tvAmArAdhya tathA shambho grahIshhyAmi varaM sadA  |
dvAparA.adau yuge bhUtvA kalayA mAnushhA.adishhu  ||
svA.agamaiH kalpitaistvaM cha janAn.h madvimukhAn.h kuru  |
mAM cha gopAya yena syAt.h sR^ishhTireshhottarAdharA ||  (padma 6.71.106-107)

 By the above anywhere  krishna bows to shiva or praises him it just means
he does it due to a boon and to delude people. Which might make the shiva
Sahasranamam section futile.

And another instance for MB shanti parvan where the lord says wherever
shiva is worshipped the antaryami vishnu is only worshipped. And for that
reason hari worshipped hara.

I request the elders to shed light on this.
Thank you

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