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Thu Oct 15 03:59:46 EDT 2020

On Thu, 15 Oct 2020, H S Chandramouli wrote:

> <<  I would translate praviviktabhukta as "experiencing [literally
> 'enjoying']
> alone"  >>,
> Namaste.
> Would not substituting the word  “ oneself “  for  “alone”  in the above
> convey the understanding better.

Well, pravivikta means "solitary" or "alone" in many more contexts than 
just this one or so the dictionaries tell us.  I left atma alone because 
"self" can be confusing.  Are we talking about ego, soul, something else?

> This would also translate to substituting the word  “ oneself “  for “atma”
> in the following cited from the same post.
> <<  atma in the taijasa or dream mode also experiences through seven limbs
> and
> nineteen mouths but it, the atma alone is the creator and source of
> phenomena  >>
> I am not sure though if this is your intent. However it approximates to my
> understanding of the position.

Ok.  I think we are getting at the same thing.  In Vishva the creation and 
experiences are external to the individual.  In Taijasa they are solely 
internal to the individual.

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