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> Pranam to all of you.May i get a clear definition of this term in the 
> 4th mantra, describing Taijasa:What are some of the ways this is 
> interpreted. How do you personally understand the term as well as the 
> mantra.Thank you.Soma

I would translate praviviktabhukta as "experiencing [literally 'enjoying'] 

atma in the vishva or waking mode experiences the phenomenal world through 
seven limbs and nineteen mouths i.e. through the mind, senses etc. 
"reality" -- the sR^iShTi crated by Ishvara is a limit on those 
experiences.  Thus philosophically Advaita Vedanta is not an idealistic school.

atma in the taijasa or dream mode also experiences through seven limbs and 
nineteen mouths but it, the atma alone is the creator and source of 

Gaudapadacharya will go on to show that both the waking and dream 
phenomena are at a subordinate level of reality and there is actually no 
creation at all.

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