[Advaita-l] An etymology for the term 'tripuTee'

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Can we not have the anvaya as follows

<<  त्रयाणां  ज्ञातृज्ञानज्ञेयरूपाणां  आकाराणां समाहारः  पुटानाम्
 त्रिपुटी | >>.

Just a thought.



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> We have come across the term 'tripuTee' meaning the triad of knower,
> knowing and known.  In the commentary to the Panchadashi 11.14, the
> commentator Sri Ramakrishna Pandita gives an etymology thus: त्रयाणां
> ज्ञातृज्ञानज्ञेयरूपाणां पुटानाम् आकाराणां समाहारः त्रिपुटी |  (The
> collection of the three 'forms' of knower, knowing and known is called
> tripuTee).  For the word puTa he gives the meaning 'form'.  I could not get
> that meaning in the various dictionaries.
> regards
> subbu
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