[Advaita-l] jIvanmukti (liberation right in this life) - A State or Status

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A small addendum -
The acharya says that the jivanmukta can live and teach even long after
GYAnam and in fact this is how the Advaita parampara survives to this day.

Otherwise the mahavAkya upadesha will be tantamount to a "suicide mantra" -
if student were to drop the body the moment he understands the mahAvAkya. A
single dose and it's all over. (OrE Dose uDane close) People will fear to
even come close to and hear the mahAvAkya teaching.

In this context, it can be said that a jIvanmukta will live long etc. (As
per his prArabdha.)

Sometimes the ramifications of jIvanmukti are colorfully rendered such as
in yogavAsiShTha included in Sri Ramana's supplement to forty verses on

सवसन्तस्य वृक्षस्य सौन्दर्याद्या गुणा इव ।। २० घनरसायनपूर्णसुशीतया विमलया
समया सततं श्रिया ।

Another thing is, I would agree with you if some student prematurely
concludes he has GYAnam and he is now "seeking to live long enjoying" the
phala of GYAnam. Such an attitude contradicts GYAnam and is usually a sign
of inadequate preparedness such as vairagya.


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> Namaste Ramesam garu
> The idea of a jivanmukta living long is quite ok. We have examples of
> Trailanga Swami of Varanasi who came from Vizianagaram in Andhra and lived
> most of his life in Kashi.  There is authentic historical evidence that he
> lived for more than a couple of centuries. Sri Ramakrishna Paramhansa
> attests to his holiness when he met him on a visit to Kashi circa 1860.
> https://www.ramdass.org/sri-trailanga-swami-the-walking-lord-shiva-of-varanasi/
> Even a couple of centuries of life as a jivanmukta is transient in the
> larger picture, surely.
> The problematic phrase is "hoping to live long" which does not of course
> sit well with the idea of jivanmukti. And I suspect the Swamiji whom you
> are having in mind would have used it in jest, rather than as a profound
> doctrinal statement, given that even a straggler in Vedanta would know
> better.
> Om
> Raghav
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>> Shri Chandramouli Ji,
>> Namaskarams.
>> That is excellent. It is an affirmative vote. Thank you.
>> For an aspirant for liberation, jIvanmukti is just a transient state.
>> warm regards,
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>> wrote:
>> >
>> > I can  confidently say I do not recollect any statement which leads to
>> an
>> > understanding of the type
>> >
>> >>
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