[Advaita-l] Sri Appayya Dikshitar vilified by a Madhva 'scholar'

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If you haven’t read this already

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> See post here:
> In this discourse in Kannada on Kashi Mahima at 7 minutes onward the
> scholar Dr.N Venkatesh Achar  weaves a story involving Sri Appayya
> Dikshitar :
> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSnStrQNmuw&feature=share&fbclid=IwAR0UJh7UFT72oT5QYi6LV6ovTkWvp1Y_TaVC7Fv54IACEfUsSHDATnpv8a4
> A post exposing the inaccuracies of the narrative:
> https://www.facebook.com/gokula.krishna.75/posts/3215891685087551
> Copying the above post here for readers' convenience:
> A series of blunders made by this ignorant Madhva speaker within a very
> short span of time as he speaks vilifying Srimad Appayya Dikshitendra.
> *
> *
> Jagannatha Pandita, the celebrated Alankara-sastra Vidvan and the author of
> Rasagangadhara, had a competitor known as Appayya Dikshitar who was a
> resident of Kashi.
> This Appayya Dikshitar was so envious of the honors offered to this
> Jagannatha Pandita by "AURANGZEB".
> Jagannatha Pandita was in love with the Mughal Emperor's daughter and
> Appayya Dikshitar took advantage of this occasion to poison the mind of
> "AURANGZEB" and got Jagannatha Pandita ousted from the kingdom. Etc etc
> etc.
> a) Appayya Dikshitendra and Jagannatha Pandita were not contemporaries.
> b) Dikshitendra was born in Adayappalam, Tiruvannamalai District, Tamil
> Nadu in 1520 CE and attained Sayujya-mukti in Chidambaram in 1592 CE. He
> was not born in North India and he never lived in North India as this
> ignorant speaker says wrongly.
> c) Jagannatha Pandita lived in the 17th century in the court of Shah Jahan
> and not in the court of Aurangzeb.
> a) Has this speaker studied the life and works of Dikshitendra before he
> blurts out nonsense? Does he have any internal evidence from the works of
> Dikshitendra to show that he was a longtime resident of Kashi?
> b) Even if we go by his bluff that Dikshitendra (who was separated from
> Jagannatha Pandita by geography and time) was 'poisoning' the mind of
> Aurangzeb, is he supporting Jagannatha Pandita's sin of marrying a Muslim?
> Is spreading Smarta-hatred more dear to him than spreading message on the
> observance of pure Varnashrama Dharma? Is a patita more sacred to this
> speaker than a kulina Smarta brahmana who was a strict agnihotri, a pure
> bhagavad-bhakta and a great Vedic scholar? Madhvas who are conscious of
> maintaining an Avicchinna kula-parampara can take girls from the Smarta
> community for marriage. Will any devout Madhva take a girl from a patita
> family? This speaker should mind his words before speaking ill of us.
> *
> *
> FALSE PROPAGANDA SERIES 2: Appayya Dikshitar, a resident of North India,
> came to the South on hearing the glories of Vijayindra Tirthar.
> Dikshitendra and Vijayindra Tirtha Swamigal were contemporaries, but they
> never met each other. Adayappalam, Vellore and Chidambaram were the places
> in Tamil Nadu where He lived. Dikshitendra never lived in Kumbhakonam where
> Vijayindra Tirthar lived. You cannot find the name of Vijayindra Tirthar or
> his books mentioned anywhere in the works of Dikshitendra. On the other
> hand, it is in the works of Vijayindra Tirthar that we find innumerable
> references made to the name and works of Dikshitendra.
> Om
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