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In fact, I believe the essence of the teaching about "Jivanmukti" has been always the same, however there have been different approaches to the same goal within Vedanta. 
To have a nice review about the historical 'evolution' on "Jivanmukti", I recommend this book of professor Andrew O. Fort: 
Embodied Liberation in Advaita and Neo-Vedanta

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It appears as though there has been a historical shift in the concept of “ jIvanmukti” (Liberation right in this life) — from the Upanishadic times to Shankara to Vidyaranya to modern day.

Perhaps from being a mere transitional “state” of a short duration before one attains videhamukti (liberation without the body), jIvanmukti seems to have become a prestigious “Status,” a position or almost an “ideal” to be achieved by a seeker.

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