[Advaita-l] jIvanmukti (liberation right in this life) - A State or Stutus

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The Jivanmukti Viveka of Swami Vidyaranya holds that JM is the ideal that
could be achieved by effort. The ability to remain equipoise in the face of
the onslaughts of prarabdha is an art that needs to be cultivated. The
proficiency one achieves in this art is akin to an artist in any field
performing.  There could be seen a variation across such artists of the
same field, while performing.  For instance, the same composition could be
handled in different ways by diff artists and differently by the same
artist on various occasions.   There are artists who believe that there is
no limit to expressing their art in the best way and a constant nurturing,
polishing, the art in their hands is what gets them to that height. A
somewhat similar state is there in Jivanmukti too.


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> It appears as though there has been a historical shift in the concept of “
> jIvanmukti” (Liberation right in this life) — from the Upanishadic times to
> Shankara to Vidyaranya to modern day.
> Perhaps from being a mere transitional “state” of a short duration before
> one attains videhamukti (liberation without the body), jIvanmukti seems to
> have become a prestigious “Status,” a position or almost an “ideal” to be
> achieved by a seeker.
> Will appreciate receiving informed inputs. regards,
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