[Advaita-l] Worship the Atma Jnani for all the Purusharthas

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Sri Sarma Sastrigal of Chennai is a catalyst in kindling the Aasthikas'
bhakti for Acharya Bhagavatpada Shankara. He is seen in this video giving
away the beautiful images of the Great Acharya to devotees with an
instruction tto perform the Guru Puja on the Shukla Paksha Panchami (the
day of Shankara Jayanthi) every month.

The Mundakopanishat 3.1.10 and 3.2.1-

यं यं लोकं मनसा संविभाति विशुद्धसत्त्वः कामयते यांश्च कामान् ।
तं तं लोकं जयते तांश्च कामांस्तस्मादात्मज्ञं ह्यर्चयेद्भूतिकामः ॥ १० ॥

स वेदैतत्परमं ब्रह्म धाम यत्र विश्वं निहितं भाति शुभ्रम् ।
उपासते पुरुषं ये ह्यकामास्ते शुक्रमेतदतिवर्तन्ति धीराः ॥ १ ॥

teaches that he who wishes to obtain worldly riches should worship the Atma
Jnani. And he who does not wish worldly wealth but desires only Moksha, too
shall worship the Jnani. The liberated person has the power to confer all
the purusharthas to those who worship him.

In fact the Upanishad itself says that the Jnani has realized his identity
with Brahman which is the abode of the entire creation.

Shankara Bhagavatpada, in the bhashyam, says how the worship is to be done:
archanam = pujaa, by washing the feet, service, namaskara, etc. Upasana,
meditating upon him is also part of this.

This concept of the Upanishad alone is reflected in the Bh.Gita 7.16:

चतुर्विधा भजन्ते मां जनाः सुकृतिनोऽर्जुन ।
आर्तो जिज्ञासुरर्थार्थी ज्ञानी च भरतर्षभ ॥ १६ ॥

उदाराः सर्व एवैते
ज्ञानी त्वात्मैव मे मतम् ।

Since Bhagavan says the Jnani is non-different from Himself, we can
appreciate the Upanishadic injunction of worship of the Jnani for the
attainment of all the purusharthas.

Please see the full video of just 8 minutes to enjoy the beauty of the
image and the divinity of the program.

Our appreciation to Sri Sastrigal from the bottom of our heart. It is
noteworthy that this is the second batch of the distribution.

Om Tat Sat

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