[Advaita-l] The language Sanskrit / Veda maNtra and Ishwara Sakshaatkaara / brahma jnAna

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praNAms Sri Raghava prabhuji
Hare Krishna

If the important technical words like satyam mithyA sattAtrayam etc., are carefully taught, there is no reason why a person cannot be taught in any language. For example Sri Nischala Das has composed excellent vedAntic works in Hindi like vichArasAgara which are complete and adequate in communicating Advaita GYAnam.

>  Fine prabhuji, for communicating and understanding of the Advaita jnAnam any language would serve the purpose.  But the question is without studying the shAstra , doing the shravaNAdi sAdhana in a traditional way, a person can get the ultimate knowledge??  I Don’t think saMpradAyavida-s would say 'Yes' for this as the sampradaya insists for teaching of Advaita in a sAmpradAyik way if not a person though knows the shAstra is an idiot only and to be ignored.  

The only catch is that, a shrotriya teaching in English without much reliance  on sanskrit jargon can still convey GYAnam to s student (since the shrotriya himself is proficient in sanskrit technical vedAnta words and how to wield them to remove the avidyA in the students mind),  I am not too sure it will also create another shrotriya.

>  shrOtriya cannot create another shrotriya (shAstravida)  but conveys the jnana in the disciple's own language and make his disciple a 'brahmanishTa'...If that is the case then for him shAstra and its shravaNAdi sAdhana is NOT the direct means for him the upadesha what he heard through his teacher in the language which he understands / assimilate is the ultimate pramANa.  The point here is,  though shrotriya guru based his upadesha on shAstra in originals, for the disciple shAstra is not the direct means as he cannot understand the language of shAstra.  For him 'AchAryOpadesha' in any language other than shAstra's language (vAkya) would suffice for the dawn of jnana.  Am I right in reading this!!??

Conveying the GYAnam is, in my perception, easier less complicated task, than creating a shrotriya. For the latter task, there is a need for acquaintance with the pAribhAShika words of Vedanta.

>  not only acquaintance with pAribhAshika shabda kOsha, he has to study the shAstra in a traditional style to become the shrOtreeya.  But to become 'brahmanishTa' shrOtreeyatva is not a preliminary step, he can be elevated to brahmanishTa by his guru by conveying the Advaita jnAnaM in his own language.  So, under this circumstances, how can shravaNAdi shAstra sAdhana be made as ultimate means / pramANa (antya pramANa) for realizing the brahma jnAna ??  

>  In short, when the Sanskrit is not must to understand or study shAstra in originals, adhyayana / shravaNAdi sAdhana of shAstra-s not required in originals in the traditional atmosphere, how can shAstra be the antya pramANa??  

Hari Hari Hari Bol!!!

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