[Advaita-l] Advaita can be misrepresented

Mahadevan Iyer mahadevan.n.iyer at gmail.com
Sun Aug 30 14:11:14 EDT 2020


Such a shame. Devdutt Patnaik became best selling author by retelling 
Puranas. He has also his own Gita 😕. I have heard his talks in litfests 
but never read any of his books. I always had good regards for him as a 
person who try imparts scriptural knowledge though his books.

This article clearly shows that he have no clue about, even the basics 
of Advaita. This is why, I think, qualified & knowledgeable people, have 
an obligation to propagate right knowledge. Otherwise  ignoramus like 
Patanaik, claiming to be an expert in Hindu culture, will spread his 
callow views as truth.



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